The Australian unemployment rate has recently been at a near-8 year low!

While this is great for the economy, the reality for employers is that more people are in work and less are actively looking for new jobs. It’s a buyer’s market, and competition for attracting top talent is fierce.

In today’s war for talent, standing out from the competition is essential. Top-tier professionals know how in-demand they are, and if you aren’t marketing yourself properly as an employer, you might find yourself scraping the bottom of the ‘talent barrel’ when looking for your next new hire.

It’s time to disrupt traditional and outdated recruitment practises!

We have put together our top 7 tips for attracting top-tier candidates. Read on to find out more.

  1. Offer competitive salaries – understand what your prospective employees are worth, know what they value, then make sure you structure your remuneration appropriately. Don’t lose out on top talent by low-balling them.
  2. Respond to your online reviews – savvy candidate do their research.  What will prospective employees find when they research you online.  Will this attract and inspire them? Responding to online reviews, both positive and negative, also provides you with an opportunity to engage with your audience and to reinforce your employer brand.
  3. Make your job ads easy to read – your job advertisements should be engaging and easy to read.  Don’t fill them with meaningless content.
  4. Utilise employee referrals – your current employees understand your organisation.  Use them as Brand Ambassadors and utilise their professional networks to find top talent.
  5. Target your audience – understand where to find your target audience and how to best tap into them. Don’t rely on the same old advertising channels.
  6. Streamline your recruitment process – don’t let overly administrative recruitment processes cause you to miss out on top talent.  Your recruitment process should be flexible and responsive.
  7. Sell your employer brand – know your employer brand.  What sets you apart from your competitors? Once you understand your brand – sell, sell, sell!

If you are struggling with any of these 7 steps, or want to find out more about how to attract top talent, reach out to us today and discover how Inclusive People Solutions can help your business to become a Talent Magnet.